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About IPN

Irish Photo News is a photographic portal dedicated to the provision of news, reviews, and general photographic activity in Ireland and abroad. It was established in October 2002, and continues to grow as Ireland’s most popular photographic resource for information and community of photography.


PN services all status of photographer – professional, freelance, amateur, student and hobbyist, including industry related companies – bringing together photography to a professional level, interacting with the technology of the Internet. The key service is processed by circulating an electronic eNewsletter (eZine) to all registered members. The eNewsletter is sent weekly, direct to each members email address – where members receive immediate up-to-date News about the photographic activity in Ireland and internationally.

The key features/articles of interest:

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people.

  • product awareness;
  • product reviews;
  • new photographic services;
  • the digital move;
  • recent awards;
  • buy & sell photographic equipment;
  • job vacancies;
  • photographic exhibitions;
  • copyright & licencing;
  • internet activity; and
  • interesting websites and links.
  • In addition – the Irish Photo News website – opens up new business opportunities for the professional photographer, a listing is provided on the IPN directory of Irish Professional Photographers.

    The company was created, developed and is managed by Helen Burke. Helen’s experience in the photographic industry spans over 16 years, working in various photographic business environments – photography account executive, photographic production lab manager, stock photography Rep and editor, and photography agent..

    The company’s main objective is to take all channels and photographic activity in Ireland to one communal point, and to build an Irish Photographic identity for the international market.

    Irish Photo News – is supported, and would like to thank the companies who sponsor IPN. Also, the continuous support of the IPPA (Irish Professional Photographers Association). In addition, many thanks to all the subscribers to date who have made this website possible to develop and grow.

    Helen Burke